Salvation Art

5:04 AM

If it disturb you, its art.

If it inhabits your dreams and question your fears, it’s art.

If it lifts you up in some sort of emotional epiphany or throws your preconceptions to the ground, trust us, it’s art.

Because art, if you know how to look for it, is everywhere.

It’s in the building you just walked by without noticing.

It’s on the fashion models and the mannequins, on the billboards and the bus shelters, it’s on every TV channel and inside every magazine, it’s beside the tree in the park over there by the fence post only you don’t see it yet. Which is exactly where we come in.

The Academy of Art University exists for one purpose only: to give birth to artists of passion and commitment. To inspire classroom after classroom, generation after generation, of visionaries and filmmakers, designers, modern revolutionaries and hopeful romantics, anyone who refuses to look at things at the same old, uninspired way.

Our only commodity is art. And there is no higher commodity than that.

So we spend every waking moment – okay, maybe even some of the sleeping ones – with an overwhelming passion to motivate and stimulate and encourage. To show that talent is contagious. And around here, it’s catching.

See, at the Academy of Art University we believe inspiration comes out of every street corner, every traffic stop, every classroom that challenges you, every teacher that hands you a key, every blank canvas, every empty wall, every bolt of fabric or empty computer screen.

Every day San Fransisco inspires us; every day the Academy of Art University inspires San Fransisco in kind.

Which is why everywhere we look, we see artists.

Artist who refuse You can’t and create Yes, you can

Artist who hear Mundane and think Magical.

Artist and teacher and professionals who think art is a kind of salvation. An open door policy that expect nothing less than 100% passionate commitment combined with a thousand percent open-minded-enthusiastic-I –want-to-create-something-gorgeous-or-brilliant-or insanely-wonderful desire.

Inside our classrooms and outside our walls we breathe eat drink dream art. We see it in the craziest places. We create it when no one else is looking. We throw our passion against the wall and see what sticks.

A man once said great art is either plagiarism or revolution.

source: Academy of Art SF brochure spring 09

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