McDonald's Playland

1:56 AM

from top to bottom:
Giant McDonald's Playland at Circular Quay,
built for McDonald's TV commercial purpose .
was held from 26-30 March 2010 by DDB Sydney / Revolver

My role in this project:
I was assigned to recreate a brand new logo for McDonald's Playland, which originally was created in US years ago, with a playful kiddie look & feel. Since its for australian market, the client want something fresh and new, that means its moving away the childish side of Playland old logo look &feel. The reason is because they're not only targeted this Playland for child only, but also an adult, which related to the tv commercial ideas where they build this gigantic Playland so that adult can go to have fun, to be themselves and feel like a kid again.

The next project was redrawn the classic big mac officer character. The challenge is to make the graphic stand out so I used the simple graphic coloring method which is perfect for this 3 metre height statue & its a popular spot for photo taken because of the funny line: "If you can fit under my arm, you can play"

For more information about Playland: 

Big thanks to Adam Rose, Matt Knap, John Downing, Erwin Santoso
& Maccas team for the opportunity to do this awesome project.
Can't wait for the TV commercial to come. Stay tuned.

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