Visual Expression

9:45 PM

Visual style:

The picture was made of my favorite things as well as my aspiration
to be an artist and designer. The main focus for this picture is placed
on the apple that symbolizes my favorite place which is the big
apple (New York). It is a dream place that I would love to live in the
near future. The slice of apple represents a small part of a
life storythat has been open and the rest will be open
eventually throughyears of my life.

The other elements in the picture help create a story that represents
the modern fairy tale in the real world and the beginning of the
adventurous journey as a designer and artist.

In my piece, I’d like to express the boldness of life and it’s
challenges. I’ve tried to make it as exciting as possible by using
some vibrant color. The artwork has a softer background which
gives a sense of time that helps you to reflect, meditate, and
rebalance the busy life all over again.

In summary, this piece is only one phase of time in my life and
eventually will change over time. So it is really a statement on who
I am now. I am hoping to produce more of these pictures since it is
a cycle process where the world is a canvas and I am the painter.

The Target Market:

Live and breath creativity. We are talking about the young artists,
film makers, musicians and dreamers of the world.

Rebekkah is an artist, lover of pop art and all shoes. Her irreverent
and vibrant artworks are influenced by the likes Warhol, Murakami,
Michel Gondry and Spikes Jones. For her, shoes tell a story and
she collects them wherever she goes. From New York City to Italy,
to Tokyo and Barcelona. Shoes are beautiful objects that take her
to beautiful places.

Jeremy is a young industrial designer and lover of electro-indie.
His ergonomic, fashionable and high tech pieces are influenced
by the legendary Charles and Ray Eames, Karim Rashid, and
Marc Newson. For him, there is nothing better than getting lost
in a book. Currently he is floating in Pi’s boat along with a tiger,
hyena and zebra.

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