cut and paste

2:36 AM

my first concept: Love is the ultimate bliss.
Idea derives from the bible that said: two are better than one
( I used this idea for the trial test today, I felt the idea is stronger and simpler,
I used B&W color instead pink and blue.)

my second concept: Bliss founds when you helping others
ideas derived from classic video game story line and the book "captivating".

Both pictures above are my draft concept for today's cut and paste trial day,
with a theme: BLISS. I used purely wacom tablet for the artwork.
The real competition timeline is 15 mins only. Its quick aye!
(note: The pics above is not 15 mins though.. I wish.. one dayyyy! =)

Come and support me at CUT & PASTE competition this sat @sydney metro 7pm.
buy ticket and further info visit:

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