Better World

4:49 AM

Don’t tell us what we can’t do.
Don’t tell us not to dream.
Big, Fat, Hairy, Audacious Dreams.
Life Making the world better through sport.

Sport is our Passion
Sport reduces disease, lowers crime, rallies communities and denies prejudice.

Sport laughs in the face of racism, flicks a towel on sexism’s butt.
Hell, it’s even been known to stop wars.
That’s a pretty impressive resume. Sport, You’re hired.
We won’t rest til everyone on this planet has access to it.

We will make the best gear, to propel humanity forward without wrecking our global playground in the process.

We will do good with a vengeance.
We’re going to be so environmentally friendly it will make you puke.
Think performance and sustainability hitting it off so well
They have each other’s name tattooed across their chests.

And to all the cynics we’re going to make the world better for you anyway.
Because like sport we don’t discriminate.
We’ve made the world better
But we still want a better world.

Nike Better world.

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