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Collaboration of artist, writer and entrepreneur
The mission: to entertain, to challenge, to captivate, to enlighten

If you put the best artist in the world and the best writer artist in the world, they will make the best masterpiece in the world and you know what its called. They called it a comic book.

Comic should be a reflection of a time.

I think people need an ideal to look at and to try to become and maybe for me Superman is that kind of ideal. - The death of Superman

One of the wonderful things about working in comics is you get built on people and people built on you.

You have all that under you and you add to it. I'm going to make my remarkable here, I am going to tell a story that hasn't been told about this character.

Sometimes they just need the right take or they need the love that somebody really understand it & someone see something new in it. Its not just about entertaining people, its giving them something to think about & some values & maybe something about to live towards.

I don't even want to think the world without DC. I love superheroes because its just like everything you want to do in your life. You like helping people, they help people, and you gotta live through them.

Comics are a story telling form that you can tell any kind of stories
We provide this great space for creative talent to really have a place to tell their stories

You gonna make this character into real people that you care about.

The character is so flexible, they work in every era because the creator has always found way to talk about what's interesting to them now and what's happening in the culture now.

Superheroes are the archetype, live within us & somebody find a way to present them to us, in a way that is compatible with realities that we live in. There's still around all this decade because they've been loved to evolved.

Character continue to be built, as it always have, by drawing on history and culture and personal experience to convey the deepest hope for the new generation in whatever forms the comics may take.

I have no idea how much longer books have for this world, but I do know people like Seigel & Shuster, Bob Kane & Bill Finger, Julius Schwarts & Allan Moore. These people came up with character and stories that are going to be run forever. Whether you're reading it on a small thing that look like a diamond that you tap with your finger and get straight the content into your retina or whether you're reading it on something that you can fold up and putting it on your pocket afterwards & you wanna pile up and put it in a tree house I don't know but I can tell you that hundred years from now there will be kids who want to find out what's happening with Superman.

ref: Secret origins the story of DC Comics

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