Costume Design

1:01 AM

The Brief:
Creating an Olympic suporter costume in 200 years to come.

Country selection:
Japan/ South Africa/ German/ Brazil

The concept behind the making of the costume:
Japan has long symbolized richness in diversity and culture. Although it is known for innovation and fascination with cutting edge technology, there is still respect and value for their traditional culture. The concept behind the Japan Olympic Supporter costume is a mixture of Japanese fashion culture plus modernity in 200 years that translates into some chic and fashionable couture dress. The Japanese flag is also brought up as a symbol of pride and patriotism.The featured illustration on the garment is inspired from the woodblock print art featuring motifs of landscapes from renowned Ukiyo-e artists such as Hokusai and Hiroshige. Whereas the tattoo-like leggings come from the Edo period, symbolizing bravery.

Arva School of Design/ Fashion Illustration 1 Class

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